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Deep gratitude to all who have shared their love below.  

You have all been great & inspirational teachers to me.





"Since last weekend I have felt positive that I am in the right place at this moment [and my] internal battle between my brain and heart has stopped.  Thank you to all of you for bringing in peace and light!  I feel so lucky to have met you all!!!  It's so lovely to have a group of friends who are around the same age to speak to and practice meditation with."


Yorkshire, England


 "Simon, a huge thank you for a wonderful uplifting, spiritual, magical day. So much to think about and put into practice. I feel my mind and thoughts are at peace, and will work to keep it that way,...and be myself again! It was an amazing thought provoking day, you have have wonderful people skills...I could go on and on singing your praises! The room was looking brilliant and our "magic carpet" was very special."


Ballater,  Scotland


"I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you Simon, so much.
For introducing me to yoga.
Not only have you been enormously caring, professional and supportive as a teacher but your manor and teaching method has been extremely encouraging for me as a beginner! I have not once felt anything but comfort and welcoming support.  It has been a real pleasure meeting you and also being taught by you.
I think what you are doing is beautiful.
So thank you.
You have opened my eyes and mind and healed parts of my heart - I'm enormously grateful."


Minehead, Somerset


 "Thanks again for an amazing workshop in December, I really enjoyed it and loved the space that you created that day, I've never experienced anything like it before - I really was transported somewhere magical!"


Westhill, Scotland


"I wanted to send you many, many thank you's to you for creating a wee sanctuary and offering the blissful opportunity to stretch, relax and heal. I feel my winter blues have been banished! Immediately after the class I felt my appetite return. Yay! I  slept for a whole night which was wonderful following months of insomnia and the best thing is my dreams have returned.  WAW that's amazing!   My buzz is back."


Lunan Bay, Scotland


"Thought I'd let you know that I can't stop doing yoga and standing on one leg.  I also feel for the first time ever that I will continue to fully embrace yoga into my life - you know about a year ago I used to ask and ask for a yoga teacher and here you are (and were) a stone's throw from my house - thank you for your lovely classes and for already realigning my future.  Om shanti guru  - namaste…"


Ballater, Scotland 


"Just to thank you for introducing us to the benefits of Yoga! Since our wwoofing time at yours' yoga became more and more important to me and I am now practicing regurlarly in Peru!  So thanks for the initiation!"




"I wanted to thank you for everything, but especially for introducing me to yoga. You've been an excellent teacher, explaining and making me understand everything despite different language.
I could not have better teacher to start.
Thank you


Napoli, Italy


"Wow! Do you realise you have changed the way I dance forever?! Thank you Spirit."


Glasgow, Scotland


“Wonderful connecting, liberating, look forward to doing more!”


Cumbria, England


“My truth is very joyful just now - some frustrations I am letting out and healing - felt great to be less self-conscious while also more present. :-)”


Findhorn, Scotland


“Wonderful exciting safe space to grow and be nurtured. So much to give. Thank you."


Findhorn, Scotland


"Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!

The guided journeys and the visulizations that I can take with me to work with.

Also enjoyed the sounds.

Thank you for the guidance and energetic information given and the safe sacred space you created.

Enjoyed the music and the opportunity to be in my body."


Cumbria, England


"Simon Spirit Spoor is an amazingly magical human being devoted to living his truth and sharing Divine love. He is a dance floor energy worker, a teacher, a guide, and an amazing reflection of Self. My first meeting with this amazing healer took me to depths in myself that I had no idea existed previously, and with his guidance, I was able to retrieve a part of myself I lost lifetimes ago. He's helped me, through his ability to hold a safe space and his deep grounded presence, to open my heart to love, to myself, and to God/The Divine. His love is endless and infinite.

Through his impeccable ability to listen to his spirit, he has been able to guide me into the depths of my soul, healing traumas from my childhood and youth, and allowing me to break down my walls to love and to stand in my Truth. With the help of this beautiful, Divine being, I am stepping into my power and seeing the truth of my own Divinity. Never have I felt so safe to go into the darkest depths of my soul as I do with this amazing man.  My gratitude and love are infinite."



South Lake Tahoe, USA 


"The first time I saw Spirit I was afraid of approaching him, I later discovered that this was a huge issue inside of me, I had been mothered my whole life and I realised I was very much connected to my feminine energy, when I spoke with Spirit I realised I had a lot to learn from him, I looked at him like a role model, very much in his masculine energy, confident, honest and also very connected to his heart, a true warrior! Tiger strength."


Newcastle, England