Summer Healing Workshops

Sunday 14th July & Saturday 24th August


 Due to the popularity of these workshops I'm hosting two this year, with each on a slightly different theme.



~ Embody Your Mystery ~

Sunday 14th July
9am - 5pm

 ** Sorry! This Workshop has been canceled due to lack of numbers. **

There is mystery within you & all around you... there so much you know you don't know & so much more you don't know you don't know! 

If this is so... Rather than ignore it & pretend we know... How do we live with this truth, embrace it & dance with it?

This day will be dedicated to exploring & questioning our mystery, hopefully coming to know it more intimately & perhaps more vividly than we did before. 

A day of curious adventure, soft revealing & quiet inspection of that which is hidden in plain sight. 

Like any good adventure, it will be great fun & possibly challenging all at the same time!

We will be using various mysterious techniques to uncover that which is concealed! 

All will be held in a safe container of our own making.



~ Lifting the Veil ~

Sunday 24th August
9am - 5pm


What beliefs do you hold that cloud your vision & block your truth?

In this workshop we will be lifting the veil on that which prevents you seeing your life with the clarity of vision that you need to move forward. 

Often we try to create the life we want, only to then fail, as unseen forces appear to prevent us from becoming what we desire to be in the world. 

This day will be dedicated to revealing some of these obstacles & moving beyond them.   

We will be using yoga postures, breathing, meditation, introspection & sharing. 

It will all be held in a sacred container to ensure gentle, fun & safe transformation.



~ The Offering ~

Both workshops are being held at the lovely Coats Room in Glen Tanar Estate, near Aboyne.

  There will be space for just 10 folk on these nurturing adventures.  Come to one or both, as you desire. 

This is the deeper side of the yogic journey where we really engage with the possibility of change & transformation.  Where your inner magician gets to play with the alchemical fires within your soul that are fueled by your desire to live a more holistic fulfilled life. 

Along the way you'll absorb simple effective methods that you can apply to your life to help you to see & continue to resolve blocks to expressing your wonderful self.

It will be fun, safe, deep & juicy!


No yoga experience is necessary. 

The need to 'have an issue to work on' is not required. 

To know anything about the workshop is not even needed!

You just need to turn up with a desire to playfully explore the boundaries of who you are. 

Arrive with a willingness to look at the story of you & to be open to the possibility that you might rewrite that story with greater joy, fluidity, compassion & creativity. 

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for lunch.



~The Investment ~

The cost of each Workshop is £75 in advance.
I expect both workshops to book up fast, with a maximum of 10 attending.

So, if you feel called to be held in these magic circles of loving transformation please click on the link below to book your place via my booking service powered by 10to8. 

Bookings can be made up to one week in advance.

It'll be juicy, fun, magical & deep.... come dive deeper into you!

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~ Inspiration ~

Here are some inspirational words from other like minded souls who took the plunge:

“Wonderful connecting, liberating, look forward to doing more!”

“Wonderful exciting safe space to grow and be nurtured."

"Since last weekend I have felt positive that I am in the right place at this moment [and my] internal battle between my brain and heart has stopped.  Thank you to all of you for bringing in peace and light!"

 "Simon, a huge thank you for a wonderful uplifting, spiritual, magical day.  I feel my mind and thoughts are at peace, and will work to keep it that way,...and be myself again!"

"I must say so many good things have been happening to me since the healing ceremony.  I have felt much more open, much more free and able to do the things I was putting off before.  I actually feel as though my pattern of thinking has changed overnight!  I feel as though you have inspired me to speak out, to find my voice and to speak to the people who are important in my life."

"I really enjoyed and appreciated every minute of the ceremony.  It's honestly opened my eyes to so much and I feel it's made everything clearer."


 Go for it! 

Come join us for an adventure inside the magical mysterious you!

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